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Empowering F&B Businesses with an All-in-One IoT and Blockchain Solution for Product Tracking, Authentication and Consumer engagement.

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Bespoke QR Codes for the F&B Industry

Easily edit, add, and manage custom QR codes with all the information consumers need to evaluate your product.

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Foster Trust with Transparency

Empower your customers with the knowledge of your supply chain, gaining a competitive edge through openness, accountability, and a demonstrable commitment to transparency.

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Optimize Your Chain, Maximize Your Gain

Leverage unprecedented insights into your supply chain, driving efficiency and boosting overall operational performance.

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Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

With the click of a button, achieve instantaneous traceability for your products, simplifying regulatory compliance and ensuring operational efficiency.

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Seamless Traceability, Sensible Pricing

Experience the simplicity of transforming your supply chain with our user-friendly platform. Achieve end-to-end traceability that's as affordable as it is easy to use.

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Quality Confirmation at Their Fingertips

Stand out from the crowd by giving your customers the ability to validate the quality of your products right from their handheld devices.

“While doing my shopping, sometimes I am curious about the origin and the authenticity of the products. Glad to know that now I am able to quickly check the authenticity and trace where all my products come from.”

XF Lee

Orijin Plus User

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Track Food Miles and Carbon Emissions Per Product

From Raw Materials to Product to Retailer to Home: Track unique Food Miles and Carbon Emissions by Travel Mode.

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Transform Engagement through Traceability

Turn your supply chain transparency into a powerful tool for customer engagement. Connect with consumers like never before, providing them real-time insights that up your engagement game.

“Orijin Plus gave me the knowledge of where the product is from and I love how it acts as a global safety supply chain that gives every food an ID.”

Tiffany Lim

Orijin Plus User

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Revolutionizing Loyalty: Connecting Consumer to product Chains

With our Multi Brand Coalition, directly link consumers to your product chain, strengthen supply chain integrity and power cross-brand collaboration. at unprecedented scale. *Select Markets only*

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"Tomorrow's food brands won't just tell you what's in their product; they'll show you where it comes from, who makes it, and how it impacts the world around us."