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Layered manifest commits

Unlock affordability and sustainability: Reduce gas costs without compromising immutability, making blockchain technology feasible for FMCG goods with lower price points. Embrace a more sustainable future for the environment.

By layering actions to a manifest and chronologically committing them to Ethereum, the feature not only reduces Gas costs but also ensures a robust and secure recording of transactions on the blockchain. This makes blockchain technology more accessible and affordable for FMCG goods with lower price points, enabling businesses to embrace transparency, trust, and traceability. Moreover, the reduced Gas costs contribute to environmental sustainability by minimizing energy consumption and promoting a greener approach to implementing technology in the FMCG industry.

SKU management

Take control of your product's narrative effortlessly, managing what consumers see with ease.

The inclusion of videos and photos enhances visual engagement, while links to social media, websites, and campaigns facilitate seamless integration with your online presence. These benefits collectively contribute to a compelling and informative product experience, fostering consumer engagement, trust, and brand loyalty.

Role management

Tailor-made simplicity: Streamline user involvement with our app or platform, making it effortless and specific to their task.

Role management offers benefits such as minimizing potential errors, enhancing security, improving workflow efficiency, providing a customized user experience, and simplifying administrative tasks. These advantages contribute to a more organized, secure, and productive environment by ensuring that each user has appropriate access and responsibilities aligned with their role.

Tracking Automation

From start to finish, effortlessly breeze through tracking inputs to the final product with ease.

Capture user actions, such as their geolocation, time, date, and location, and hashes this information into a manifest. The manifest is then committed to the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring immutability and transparency. Consumers can view the blockchain commit associated with a specific product by accessing its unique URL. Additionally, consumers have the ability to search the manifest and verify the authenticity of product information by auditing it against the Ethereum block transaction. This system provides consumers with trust and confidence in the product's origin and tracking, while leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology for transparency and accountability.

Blockchain Action Management

Simplify Complex Processes

Seamlessly integrate specific requirements for actions completed by participants, field app users, or IoT devices with our Blockchain Action Management feature. Determine digital twin necessity, public or private actions, commit restrictions, and authorization needs. It's more than process management, it's streamlined operational control at your fingertips.

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