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Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

With the click of a button, achieve instantaneous traceability for your products, simplifying regulatory compliance and ensuring operational efficiency.

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Inventory Management

Streamline your inventory interactions: One scan updates thousands of cartons or products with ease.

Simplify inventory management by enabling efficient action commitment, offering oversight of inventory locations, providing the ability to add notes and reminders, facilitating easy navigation and stock segmentation, presenting a complete view of recent updates, and tracking user interactions. These benefits enhance inventory control, improve communication, and streamline workflow processes, ultimately optimizing inventory management efficiency.

Batch Action

Eliminate scanning hassles and embark on your traceability journey effortlessly, reducing friction in manufacturing and production systems.

Minimize friction in manufacturing and production systems by eliminating the need for individual scanning. This not only saves time and effort but also makes it easier for businesses to embark on their traceability journey. Additionally, the system's desktop batching capability enhances efficiency by enabling users to perform actions on serialised batches of inventory directly from their desktop computers.

Input Tracking

Effortlessly trace bulk inputs and map them to their corresponding products with ease.

The ability to track product inputs pre-manufacturing and transfer their journey to the correct product offers several benefits. It enhances traceability, transparency, and accountability, streamlines quality control and compliance efforts, and ensures the integrity of the final product. These benefits contribute to improved operational efficiency, consumer confidence, and adherence to regulatory standards.

GPS Tracking

Unlock Live Oversight of What Was Previously Beyond Your Control: Embrace the Future of Transparent Tracking.

With our GPS Tracking feature, gain real-time visibility into areas of the supply chain that were once opaque. As products leave areas typically under your management or before they even arrive, maintain a constant pulse on their journey. This enriched perspective not only offers untapped oversight but also empowers you to deliver unmatched transparency to every stakeholder. Easily share this newfound transparency with customers, enhancing their trust in your brand. Additionally, leverage these insights for internal efficiency gains, streamlining operations and reinforcing decision-making. Elevate your supply chain management and instill greater confidence in your processes whilst making regulatory compliance easy.

"Tomorrow's food brands won't just tell you what's in their product; they'll show you where it comes from, who makes it, and how it impacts the world around us."