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Leverage unprecedented insights into your supply chain, driving efficiency and boosting overall operational performance.

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Field App

Streamline your supply chain with ease: Effortlessly collect and commit vital information, making the capture of supply chain data a breeze.

The field app takes all of the platform's functionality and makes it easily accessible in the field, empowering your supply chain activities. Seamlessly capturing actions, it transforms them into measurable and recordable insights, pushing them to the blockchain for secure and transparent tracking. Inventory nesting within the app provides a structured approach to managing multiple inventory layers with ease. Users can be easily set up and sent bespoke access, with limited or full functionality tailored to their needs. Globally accessible, the app is easily shared up and down supply chains, enabling users to effortlessly capture information during food manufacturing, freight movements, or agriculture production. Compatible with smartphones and PDA's, all designed to simplify field management.

iot mission management

Central Management With Live Updates: A Consolidated View Offering Seamless Insights Across Every Element Of Your Supply Chain, From Tracking Products Forward Into Market Or Raw Inputs From Suppliers To You.

Our Internet of Things (IoT) Mission Management module enhances your capability to consolidate data from various tracking sources. Our platform seamlessly integrates with all leading GPS trackers, and its agnostic nature means it can ingest data from both our trackers and third-party devices. Setting geo-boundaries allows for automated updates and notifications to relevant parties. Whether it's overseeing shipments traveling to international markets or tracing raw materials from farms to processing facilities, the Mission Management module provides clarity and efficiency across all aspects of a company's supply chain. We make leveraging the benefits IOT technologies simple.

GPS Tracking

Craft your product story effortlessly: Seamlessly populate it without any human interaction required.

Allow for automated blockchain updates based on defined geo boundaries. This provides real-time tracking, enhances transparency, streamlines inventory management, improves traceability and accountability, and reduces the potential for human error. These benefits contribute to efficient supply chain operations and instill confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the recorded inventory data.

Temperature tracking

Elevate product assurance with temperature tracking in real-time, securing quality at every degree.

Incorporating live temperature tracking into your product assurance strategy offers several benefits. It ensures products are stored and transported within optimal temperature ranges, provides alerts for temperature deviations, enhances transparency with consumers, and serves as an internal quality control record. These benefits collectively contribute to maintaining product quality, reducing waste, and building trust with customers.

"Tomorrow's food brands won't just tell you what's in their product; they'll show you where it comes from, who makes it, and how it impacts the world around us."