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Foster Trust with Transparency

Stop telling and stop showing. Empower your customers with the knowledge of your supply chain, gaining a competitive edge through openness, accountability, and a demonstrable commitment to transparency.

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Inventory Serialization

Trace with confidence: Follow each unit's journey to the market and empower consumers to trace it back, ensuring transparency and trust.

In line with this, our system uses unique QR codes to map all inventory levels. From standard units such as containers, pallets, and cartons to custom inputs like barrels and silos, every item in the chain can be accounted for and connected. The end game of our approach is unique product serialization, supported by a range of label and on-pack printing solutions. Each uniquely serialized product earns its own landing page, amplifying on pack traceability. Our CSV export feature is also in place to streamline in house label printing or pack printing. If a brand finds the immediate leap to unique product codes challenging, our batch lookup feature can serve as a helpful bridge for an initial on pack traceability function without the need for unique product codes.

Blockchain commits

Unleash consumer confidence: Empower them with unwavering trust in your product claims.

The system captures user actions, such as their geolocation, time, date, and hashes this information into a manifest. The manifest is then committed to the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring immutability and transparency. Consumers can view the blockchain commit associated with a specific product by accessing its unique URL. Additionally, consumers have the ability to search the manifest and verify the authenticity of product information by auditing it against the Ethereum block transaction. This system provides consumers with trust and confidence in the product's origin and tracking, while leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology for transparency and accountability.

Authenticity assurance

2 Step Product Verification

An immediate and effortless method that ensures utmost confidence in the authenticity of your food and beverage products. This technology not only verifies the genuineness of your product claims, but it also safeguards against potential counterfeiting. Experience the peace of mind that comes with certainty, knowing your product stands tall in its truth, while simultaneously enhancing the integrity and reputation of your brand.

Consumer Engagement

Reward Campaigns

Our innovative feature designed to acknowledge and incentivize consumers for their role in maintaining supply chain integrity. By completing the product verification steps, consumers not only authenticate their purchase but also become a valued participant in the supply chain. This process enables a direct connection with the end customers, fostering pack-level engagement and building a sense of community. Reward Campaigns thus creates a win-win situation, enhancing brand-consumer relationships while simultaneously bolstering supply chain integrity.

"Tomorrow's food brands won't just tell you what's in their product; they'll show you where it comes from, who makes it, and how it impacts the world around us."